Barcelona’s “Stroll With A Hat”

The organisers dilemma…. 2 weeks before the event !! To Cancel or Go Virtual………

The British Hat Guild clear the decks for the NHS

An update on this story will be put up later today……..

A visit to The Atelier-Musée du Chapeau

Chazelles-sur-Lyon, located in the undulating countryside of central France, was at the heart of French hat making for many centuries. By the early 20th century, Chazelles had become the country’s principal city for the production of high quality felt hats………….

Ascot in Florence: April 2018

The city of Florence has, within in its boundaries, a fine racecourse at Le Cascine, locally known as “Ippodromo del Visarno”, where horse racing has taken place since the early 1800s. Situated just over 3km from the city centre, and with a backdrop of the Florence skyline the racecourse has regular meetings whilst also offering…